Daniel Collins Security
Daniel Collins Security



• 16 years in the security industry.

• Current Chief Operating Officer (COO) of a security firm in Chicago with clients in New York and world-wide specializing in large special event security, dignitary/executive protection, intelligence gathering and security consulting.

• 9 years law enforcement experience, current rank: Captain  (PT)

• Director of security for multiple bands/artists on national stadium tours with attendance of  35,000 + / night

• Experienced with travel both domestically and internationally. 

• Provide first-line supervision, including mentoring and leadership of security teams across the country. 

• Prepare, coordinate and conduct security training courses for over 2,500 security officers every year on topics including customer service based security concepts, threat assessment and emergency response.

• Developed safety and security plans and conduct site risk assessments for companies on the Fortune 500 list

• Currently hold Advanced Certifications in executive protection, threat assessment and specialized security operations.


• Devote a high level of attention to detail and accuracy of the job to generate best results.

• Take a proactive approach to security matters rather than a reactive solution (incident mitigation).

• Identify and resolve conflict in a professional and discreet way to uphold the image and integrity of the corporation.

• It is nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice. 





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